On The Farm
Lightning is full grown and riding.
Lightning has become a great three year old horse that
has become Jessica and Dad's favorite ride.  He's still
considered "green broke" but Kyle has put a good year
of riding under saddle and he's become a fine trail

"Sometimes you're just blessed with a good horse" is
Kyle's motto on his success with Lightning.

This has been quite a journey from his birth 3 years
ago.  It has been fun and rewarding.
Taking on the dreaded Honeysuckle Monster (STILL 2009!!!)
We continue to work hard trying to rid our woods of a plant that takes over woods
in our area.  It's the dreaded Japanese Honeysuckle.  These non-native plants
were brought to the US back before the 50s as a hedge plant.

Kyle built a set of hydraulic jaws for the back of his tractor and we made
TREMENDOUS progress on the woods this past fall.  We cleared almost 3 acres
and are hoping to have almost all of it cleared by Spring 2010.  Look for pictures
on other pages.
Our Fall  project for 2009
This year's Spring project (o.k. project for 2009 and 2010) is to try and get a
house built for Kathrin's Mom on the front of the property.  We torn down the
farmhouse and have poured the foundation for the new retirement home... it is
finally happening.  Kyle will finish the house in 2010 after the shell is built.
There is always something new to do on the farm
Leos Lite Sugar Bar...
Or Lightning for short.  See
updated photos of our 3 year old
gelding now!!!
No longer our little baby...
This was Lightning just three
years ago on the
day he was
born.  They grow up so fast.
As you know we started making maple syrup on the farm for the last two years.  
And while we are preparing for collecting sap for 2
010... we did something new
and different
in the fall of 2008.

Our favorite neighbors, the Cultices, gave us their
apple cider press that fall.

Mr. Cultice believes it's a good 100+ years old... but it still presses out the cider.  
We made over 90 gallons of cider t
he first fall.  Lots given away.  Much of it
frozen.  All of it good!!!  It just gives us one more season to look forward to out on
the farm.
Boiling down the sap...
We've come a LONG way the
open fire method from three
years ago.  We installed a small
evaporator that you can  
Adding something new...