Foaling Pictures
Here is how it happened at about 4:45am on Sunday morning July 2nd,2006
Yes the waiting really did pay off.... Being on "Foal Patrol" or "Mare Stare" was fun for all of us.  Luckily we heard Foxy on
Sunday morning as she went into labor.  Mom, Dad and all five kids got to witness the most fascinating  45 minutes in the
quiet of the morning, on our property... It was really incredible!!!   - Click on pictures to enlarge the photos.
At 4:45 - She is in heavy labor and
the water breaks
After getting up and down, both front
hooves appear 4:50am
With the head and front legs delivered,
all that is left is the hardest part - the
After next push, the muzzle appears and
we break the sack and clear air passages
Photo Album
At 5:15am, just 45 min. after she went
into hard labor,... Lightning is born!!!
Dad does a little bonding by rubbing
the horse off and then the kids would
join in later.
Tapping on the bottom of the hooves
helps the baby get ready for a farrier
putting shoes on some day.
time - JUST 50 minutes after being born.