2009 Photo Album
2009 has been very different.  As the kids have gotten older... it seems like we are always busy hauling the
older kids to debate, Kings Island, Jessica to DC, Teenpact in Columbus.  We have slipped in a couple of
trips to Tennessee and Miracle Mountain Ranch in Penn.  Fall brought the end to the old abandoned
farmhouse and the start of construction on the retirement rental for Kathrin's Mom (Gesa)
You never know what critters are living in
the old dead trees in the woods
We installed a new syrup evaporator this
winter and cooked 11 gallons of our own
"stuff" (plus had 20 more gallons processed)
Kyle spoke at two Tea Party Rallies.  On
the July 4th 1000 people gathered as he
spoke on the Free Market and Profit.
Instead of camping this Spring Dad
surprised everyone with a cabin stay down
in Gatlinburg Tennessee
2009 Photo Album
Sometimes homeschooling pays off
and you actually get dinner!!!
Dad's three favorite women on his three
favorite horses!!
After 13 years the old farmhouse comes
down to make room for a retirement
home for Kathrin's mom (Gesa).
Jessica works as we reclaim lumber from
the old farmhouse.
Foundation is finally started on new
farmhouse for Gesa.  Kyle is the general
contractor for this one!