Starting on Feb. 14th every year
we are collecting sap from
maple trees to create Maple
Syrup.  We collected 1500+
gallons of sap this year....
making over 18 gallons of syrup!!
from!!! The kids and mom and
dad work hard to collect all the
sap.  This is the sugar bush we
collect from next to our house.
Hello and Welcome to our new web site!
We're glad that you're visiting our website.   For
those of you who visit often... YES we updated the
site with 2008 & 2009 photos and info on what we
are doing in 2009.  Many changes took place in
2008 and 2009.  It's a scary time for our country
and although we don't know what the future
holds.... we know the One who holds the future.
Photos and Facts about Our Family
You'll find the latest pictures and facts about
everything that is going on and how to contact us.
Wow!! We are already coming to the end of 2009.  The kids are halfway through
the school year and are busy with debate, basketball and homework!!!
Making another run in the field of politics...
Kyle, with the support of the family and the encouragement of his
supporters is making a run for the Ohio House of Representatives.  There
will be an open seat (due to term limits) in 2014.  Kyle was approached by
the local party after his very close run for County Commissioner in 2012
Echo Ridge Farm - Home of the Kyle and Kathrin Koehler Family
We are in the midst of a busy school year for 2009-2010.
We are busy on a house for Kathrin's mom to retire in here at the farm.
The Classical Conversation weekly coop is going great and FULL.
Echo Ridge Farm - established in 1996